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Contingency vs ProSearch at Zartis

If we had to choose one word that describes how we do things at Zartis it would NOT be “traditional”. We started life as a software company and then got into recruitment so, we would like to think our history is far from traditional. Not to brag about it, but we truly understand your software development needs. We’ve even adopted the agile methodology in our recruitment processes. So here’s a quick overview of our most sought after recruitment services: Prosearch and Contingency recruitment.


Here’s how recruitment at Zartis works.



We screen and send only the highest quality candidates to our clients. We pride ourselves on scoring hires without having to bombard our clients with countless profiles. We help in each step of the recruitment process, guiding the candidates, setting up calls and interviews and manage as much or as little of the process as our client wants. We also pick up tips and feedback along the way and communicate in a clear, transparent way with all parties, so there are no surprises! We charge only for candidates hired.


ProSearch, on the other hand, is favoured by clients who need short-term support for their recruitment team or do not yet have a recruitment team in place. Great for companies of all sizes who need a pipeline of candidates, fast. One of the Zartis crew joins your team and becomes your dedicated in-house recruiter for a specific period – it’s basically like Recruiter-as-a-service. We agree on a fixed price per recruiter, which allows you to have an overview of your spending from day one. And, of course, you get to extend the service if you need more candidates!


Each service accommodates the customer needs in a different way:




  • You can get an unlimited number of profiles, in the format you want, until you make a hire
  • You get a dedicated IT recruitment specialist who finds as many  candidates as possible on your behalf
  • We manage as much or as little of the hiring process as you want, including sourcing, screening, coordinating interviews and managing offers
  • Your Zartis recruiter can source, screen, coordinate interviews, manage offers and reference/background checks as required
  • Zartis is the face of the recruitment process for candidates and sole point of contact
  • We do the outreach through your company’s name and you have full ownership of the candidates
  • We can provide candidates for both permanent and contract roles
  • You continue to get new profiles until the end of the service period
  • We operate as a true partner, providing advice and up to date information about the hiring market
  • You get to own the expertise of a specialist tech recruiter, and a specialist tech recruitment firm for a period of time
  • Fixed rate (%) based on candidate’s salary
  • Fixed daily rate per recruiter


All good, but how to decide which one works better for you?

Our Prosearch and Contingency services each have distinct advantages, and ultimately it depends on your recruitment needs. Reach out to us today and we will help you decide what fits your team’s needs best!


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