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Extend your Software Team in Spain

For the past couple of years, Spain has become the preferred destination for companies (local and foreign) that want to build and/or expand their IT teams.

Despite the fact the crisis has been very hard for Southern European Countries we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And from my own experience I can say the IT Market is one of the more competitive at the moment.

In Spain you can find great engineers, educated to a high standard and with strong IT skills. In fact, according to a recent Hackerrank Post, Spain is among the Top 10 countries in Europe to find the best developers.

In Zartis we are specialised in finding the best tech talent around the world, and helping engineers find work with their ideal company. We have offices in Germany, Ireland and Spain, and we have already delivered large-scale recruitment projects for technology companies in Europe and the United States.

Contact us for further information and we’ll be happy to help you grow your IT Team.


Raquel Garcia, Talent Consultant. Email me on

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