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The Human Connection

Since we opened our Berlin office, we had a mission – build a sustainable network and community that thrives on information sharing. Here is why we value the human connection above all and how it could help you as well.

If you don’t want to miss an opportunity in times where every second counts, we found out that the fastest connection is not the internet, it’s your network. If the right people have your back, you might as well not spend any time on research.

We opened our Berlin office because there was a huge and growing IT community here. We knew that we needed the right network to hit the ground running and that we needed to build a strong reputation in this new community we joined. Luckily, we had our own expertise to give back and create meaningful relationships.

We started working with Berlin Partner right away – the state authority for fostering business in the city. Our business essentially helps the city of Berlin with their IT Talent needs, so we started an exchange of ideas on how to collaborate. And you know what? One human connection led to dozens of them within a single project.

Companies are only one side of a functioning community though. To cover all ends, we simultaneously attended meetups and job fairs in Berlin, where we gained precious contacts from the IT community itself. Luckily, Berlin is a city that keeps on giving when it comes to open information sharing. In a short amount of time, we had a fully-functioning community of our own here!


And, how does this community help you?


We always encourage developers to approach us and ask for open positions – having the right network with various needs, helps us place these candidates directly to fitting roles without time or energy spent. We know whom to approach, how to approach and if they will appreciate the candidate in question.

This is, of course, a two way street. Now we that we have trust among our partners, we can vouch for and offer them our standing talent pool. It is important to have an international talent pool but it is also crucial for us to have a local network that can be available on the spot, on demand.

So, whether you are a developer who wants to relocate to Berlin, or you are in the city, looking for your next move – We can help.


Reach out to us at and we will match you with the right talent or job!

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