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“The team at Zartis was integral to the launch of our EMEA HQ in Dublin. They not only grasped our job profiles but were able to hone in on what makes Looker special – our culture – and present great candidates. Ultimately, they found us outstanding people for all roles across sales, support, and analytics. I’m happy to recommend them to any US company setting up in Europe. “

Jennifer Rettig,
Head of Recruiting – Looker

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Talent Advisory Services

Get bespoke solutions across direct hiring, from strategy design to recruitment process outsourcing.

Contingency Recruitment

Our success-based recruitment model.

You only pay if you hire one of our candidates. We provide a high-quality pipeline and help manage candidates through the process. 

We can help you fill that one very difficult role you’re struggling with or provide the manpower to hire dozens of candidates per year.


Our Recruiter-as-a-Service model.

Hire an on-demand tech recruiter who works as an extension of your internal team. Benefit from a fixed daily price, regardless of the number of hires you make.

You can hire a recruiter part-time or full-time.

It's a people thing.

We do recruitment ethically
We value quality over quantity
We have a team of highly experienced technical recruiters
We are GDPR-compliant & ISO 27001 certified

Better teams lead to better products.

Benefit from recruiting expertise that gets the best people on board.

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