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Why Zartis ProSearch?

ProSearch is an early Zartis service favoured by clients who need support for their recruitment teams or do not yet have a recruitment team in place. It is great for companies of all sizes who need a pipeline of candidates, fast. One of the Zartis crew joins your team and becomes your dedicated in-house recruiter for a specific period – it’s basically Recruiter-as-a-service. We agree on a fixed price per recruiter, which allows you to have an overview of your spending from day one. And, of course, you get to extend or adjust the service according to your changing needs.

There are financial advantages, but also further tangible benefits that come with this service.

Driving down costs

In contingency recruitment, you’ll only pay if it comes to a hire. So why pay money upfront for a ProSearch Specialist?

The following example will show you that ProSearch pays off for you.

Contingency placement at 15% on €60,000 yearly salary: You spend €9,000 per hire.

ProSearch Recruiter for 6k per month helps you to fill two roles: You spend €3,000 per hire.

Guaranteed influx of candidates

If you decide to go with contingency recruitment, you will not receive a guaranteed influx of candidates. This is due to recruiters not only working on your role, but multiple positions at the time. ProSearch allows you to avail of a Specialist who spends 100% of his or her time on your roles. As we will engage with you in the beginning of the process, we will have a precise understanding of the positions and company culture and find candidates that really match what you are looking for.


The company is growing and you need to get new employees on board? ProSearch will enable you to boost your recruitment capacities while keeping the flexibility to downscale after a hiring peak. Additionally, you don’t need to manage the Recruiter, who is already fully trained. More time for you to focus on interviewing candidates and filling your roles.

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