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A new model for hiring tech talent

The typical recruitment model involves a company paying a fee to a recruitment agency based on a percentage of a new hire’s annual salary. With ProSearch, clients can hire IT “sourcers” or recruiters for a fixed monthly cost.

The sourcer works from one of Zartis’ Sourcing Centres of Excellence in Vancouver, Madrid or Cork. All sourcers are fully trained recruiters with experience of sourcing IT professionals from across the world, and helping them to find new opportunities in other cities

“The world has become comfortable with the Software As A Service model,” says John Dennehy, the Chairman of Zartis. “ We believe there’s substantial demand for something similar in the recruitment space. It’s a more predictable model and allows companies to quickly spin up their recruitment capacity for hiring peaks.”

Our tech partners reach out to software developers across a wide range of social media networks and internal software tools. Some candidates are expected to complete technical tests and submit the results along with their CVs.

The service helps internal HR and recruitment teams build a better pipeline of talent and lower their cost per hire. One sourcer will typically deliver 20 to 40 pre-qualified candidates to a company in a month. On average a company should expect to hire between two and four of these candidates saving the company over 60% compared to typical recruitment agency fees.

With full employment in the IT sector international mobility has become a key component of the service.

“The majority of candidates that we place are not only moving jobs but are also moving country” says Dennehy. “In recent months we’ve seen a lot more tech companies hiring candidates from outside of the EU, especially Brazil, South Africa, Russia and North America.”

Zartis has been working on new business models in the tech sector for over 10 years. We  already work with many of the world’s best technology companies including and growing our network across the EU, and the US. Reach out to find out more about how this service could be tailored for your needs! 

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