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Zartis specialises in the development and deployment of cutting-edge generative AI-powered virtual assistants, strategically crafted to enhance the productivity of every department, ensuring smarter and more efficient workflows.

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How can AI Virtual Assistants help you work smarter?

Make sense of large sets of documentation:

AI strategy documentation

Executive summary and insights

Quick answers to specific and detailed questions

automation with AI virtual assisstants

Automated and reduced workload associated with answering repetitive questions

When used correctly, GenAI tools can increase productivity and output quality by over 40%.

Harvard & BCG, 2023

What to expect from an AI-powered Zartis Virtual Assistant

Custom virtual assistants for your particular needs

State-of-the-art expertise

Compliance and data security

Focus on scalability and sustainability of the solution

Emphasis on performance, monitoring, and data insights

GenAI in action: Virtual Assistant Development

We built an AI-powered virtual assistant for a multinational educational technology client.

The goal was to significantly speed up the work of the customer success teams by reducing the time required to search extensive and complex product catalogues. The solution also provides insights on the type of questions coming in, in order to guide future optimisations. 

Strategy & considerations:

A solution customised to the unique client needs

Scalability & multi-location support

Compatibility across the tech stack

The results:

Zartis’ AI experts delivered a custom PoC within 2 weeks. In order to ensure business requirements alignment and continuous technical improvement, we took an interactive approach, starting small.

In order to achieve the high level of customisation required in this project, we restructured the data and documentation, and enabled the AI model to access and serve information more clearly. This approach allows for more reliable results without hallucinations.

The virtual assistant helps customer success teams by finding answers in complex documentation and enables them to deal with repetitive questions in a more efficient way.

The virtual assistant provides insights on the type, content, and volume of queries in order to guide future process or documentation improvements within the team.

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