AI Strategy Consulting Case Study

Discover how our AI experts helped a global supplier of billing insights solutions set a company-wide AI strategy

About the client

The client is a leading global supplier of digital billing insights solutions. Their innovative solutions consolidate and simplify billing communications to enhance customer experience, and reduce  customer care costs, whilst also improving collaboration. By collecting data from multiple billing & communications platforms, they analyse billing information and offer insights across all IoT services through a digital portal and dashboards.

About the project

The goals


Optimise product with AI

The client wanted to optimise its product with AI in order to provide smarter features to its customer and boost experience & engagement.


Identify AI use cases

Zartis AI experts aimed to provide a careful evaluation of the use cases for AI, which can make a meaningful difference for the client and its customers


Set a company-wide AI strategy

Base on the cleint's AI goals and identified use cases, our AI consultants worked on creating a comprehensive AI strategy and roadmap to enable a smooth AI adoption.

Zartis AI

The Zartis team

A dedicated team of Zartis AI Consultants started working with the client’s internal teams. Through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions, our team identified potential AI use cases, and put together a unified strategy, as well as an implementation roadmap, that is aligned with the in-house agenda.

About the project

The solution


AS-IS report

To build a custom AI strategy, our AI team starts with an analysis of the client's current tech stack and processes. At this stage, we also identify potential use cases for AI, and work with client's in-house team through a series of workshops to produce an AS-IS report that is as accurate as possible.


TO-BE report

Utilizing the findings in the AS-IS report, the TO-BE report focused on the design of a strategic AI adoption plan, including specific recommendations as well as an implementation roadmap - including process or systems improvements to get the most out of the AI initiatives.


A custom AI strategy

Zartis AI consultants developed a custom AI strategy and adoption plan, uniquely addressing the client's needs and business requirements. As a technology provider for digital service providers a highly competitive AI strategy that enables innovation in product and feature development was devised.


Support for AI adoption

Starting with small adjustments that will generate quick wins for the client, our experts delivered suggestions on where to start and how to go about utilising AI-powered technologies within different products and business lines.

The results

Company-wide AI strategy

Zartis AI consultants worked with client teams across various departments to come up with an all-encompassing AI strategy.

AI automation for workflows

Prioritisation for quick wins

By having a deep understanding of the client's business, our AI experts were able to identify quick wins that will have a big impact for the business.

global support

An implementation roadmap

The AI strategy includes suggestions and a roadmap for the client teams to use as a template when transforming their product with AI.

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