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Innovation Management

Leverage software development expertise in state-of-the-art technologies and practices.

Access external know-how and get strategic guidance

Lower innovation costs by 60 to 70% with strategic outsourcing. At Zartis, we work on designing tailored solutions for our clients, as we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to solve your specific problem. 

remote work timezone

Shorten your product lifecycles


Modernise legacy software

increase ROI through innovation

Increase ROIs up to 100 times


Enable large-scale migrations

Why outsource innovation management

A successful innovation management process is vital for long-term growth.


Lower costs, higher ROI

By working with software partners who have seen it all, avoid the problems and pitfalls your rivals have fallen into. 


Close the skills gap

Whether it’s building scalable infrastructure, introducing CI/CD or re-designing your architecture - tap into our knowledge.


Faster time to market

Cut down on planning and design resources and speed up your development with a clear roadmap. 

How it works

outsourcing process step 1


You tell us your challenges, needs and innovation goals. Let's get to know each other.

outsourcing process step 2

Action plan

We design a solution that fits your needs - from deploying experts who transfer knowledge to your team, to preparing a technical blueprint.

outsourcing process step 3


We work with you to ensure success. If needed, we deploy a dedicated team of engineers to deliver on the technical strategy.

A study by Avanade found that modernizing your legacy software could lead to a 14% increase in revenue.

fexco outsourcing case study

Fexco Case Study

Legacy software modernisation

Helping Ireland’s Fintech solutions giant modernize its tech stack, replace legacy software and develop a cutting-edge digital signature product

kaluza success story

Kaluza Case study

Cloud operations and microservices

Our engineers contribute to software  development with modern technologies including microservices, Go, React, NodeJS and Typescript.

Our recipe for success

We believe in working in close collaboration with our clients’ software teams, offering greater flexibility, agility and innovation.

Innovation cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Are you ready to get ahead of the the technology curve?

We work closely with your inhouse team and stakeholders to ensure the success of the collaboration and that we bring value. Our engineers can help you design and implement technology roadmaps or outsource your innovation process.

Close the skill gaps in your in-house staff, enable your business growth, and get ahead of your competitors.

We adjust our approach to your needs. We work with you on defining an outsourcing strategy that will best fit your future needs – from an architecture, infrastructure and process point of view. We take into account the full picture, including requirements you might have around security, scalability, and regulatory compliance.

You can use our innovation outsourcing service to get help in designing a detailed roadmap for you to follow in-house, or we can just as easily implement the proposed changes through our remote engineers. Using dedicated development team services gives you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to scaling the service up or down as your needs evolve.

At Zartis, we focus on designing and delivering software which is not only fast today but can also accommodate further optimisation in the future as your products grow.

With 200+ engineers and many experts in areas such as frontend and backend architecture, cloud infrastructure, CI/CD, team management, modernization etc – we can support all of your software development plans. 

Speed up your delivery time and maximise cost efficiency. Overall, you are looking at shorter product development periods, allowing you to become one of the top players in your niche.

Choosing modern web apps can keep you from falling behind on technology and innovation management. Avoid the problems that come with maintaining legacy systems, including incompatibilities with upgrades and becoming more vulnerable to bugs and cyberattacks.

With modern software development best practices, developing and managing any product becomes much easier. This provides a more streamlined and optimised approach, enabling higher ROIs.

We did it for them. What can we do for you?

Start innovating today.

Leverage the collective experience of our software engineers to get the best value out of your software initiatives.