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We are a digital services provider with a talented team of 200+ professionals and offices across the world. We started as a SaaS company in 2009, developing HR software and evolved into a consultancy business for the tech sector, helping customers build software and software teams in a better way. Today, we partner with firms across the financial services, healthcare, media, logistics technology, renewable energy and many other sectors and work with a broad array of technologies.

Our Values

We are a group of people with integrity, from diverse backgrounds, who take ownership, pursue innovation and deliver the highest-quality work.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to behaviour, and we strive for respect and transparency in everything we do.

For us, the most important asset of all is trust and we aim to keep it alive not only with our clients but also within our team.

We know our differences make us stronger and we love that each new perspective makes us more resilient. We see it our duty to provide an inclusive work environment, if we are to expect people to excel.

We take responsibility and care for each project like it’s our own. We inherited this principle not only because we care about our client’s success but also for our team to take charge and lead their domains.

We know that innovation is not possible without providing the environment for open discussions and that is why it is always our first instinct to ask “how else”.

We believe in innovation through team members who love to question, learn, and try new things.

We love to exceed expectations because the satisfaction of our clients is our standard for quality. We know that constantly delivering quality is the only way to sustain long term relations with our clients.

Our Leadership Team

Our Story

Our team is strong with 250+ engineers, working across 60+ clients. We expanded our reach globally to LATAM, South Africa and further into the EMEA region.


We grew our team to 200+ with engineers across 50+ clients and expanded operations to Portugal and the Czech Republic.


Zartis celebrates 25+ international clients, 1000s of development hours, and 120+ talented professionals with offices across Ireland, Spain, Poland, Germany and the UK.


Our extended development services rapidly evolve to encompass a vast array of technologies and sectors, welcoming new Irish, UK and German clients.


In 2017, we learn “wie geht’s?”, inaugurating our second international office in Berlin, Germany. Followed by “cześć” in 2018, to manage increased demand for specialised software development services from our new engineering hub in Wroclaw, Poland.


We learn “¡Buenos días!”, opening our first international office in Madrid, Spain. We expand into Software Advisory and Staff Augmentation services, assembling its first Madrid-based extended development team for a U.S. client.


Zartis expands as a services company, working in talent acquisition projects for leading technology companies.


AssemblyPoint launches Zartis.com in Cork, Ireland, as a SaaS company developing HR and time management software.


Security & Compliance

We are ISO 27001 certified , and security considerations are at the core of everything we do:

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All of our engineers go through a rigorous recruitment process to ensure we hire the right people with a mindset to uphold security.

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Security Training

All Zartis engineers go through professional security and GDPR training.

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In-house Compliance

Our in-house InfoSec Manager makes sure the correct processes and procedures are in place so that we stay ahead of the curve.

Social Initiatives

Making a positive difference has always been at the heart of our values and motivation.

We focus on investing in and empowering local and global communities. Our aim is to give back to the community, through various programs providing training, funding, access to the internet, relocation guidance, and more.

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Our Locations

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