Telecom Software Development

Transforming telecommunications with cutting-edge software solutions

Empower your Telecom operations with Zartis’ comprehensive software development services. From network management and optimisation to billing and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, we craft custom software that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, enhances efficiency, and fosters exceptional customer experiences. Leverage our expertise to navigate the evolving Telecom landscape and unlock the full potential of your business.

telco software development

Our range of Telecom software development services

Custom Telecom software development

We develop tailor-made software solutions, including OSS/BSS systems, CRM platforms, and network management systems, designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve service delivery.

Mobile & web application development

Our team of engineers crafts intuitive mobile and web applications, enhancing customer engagement through self-service portals, mobile payments, customer support platforms and more.

IoT & connectivity solutions

We offer custom IoT solutions for Telecom, enabling smart infrastructure management, real-time data analytics, and enhanced connectivity services.

CRM & billing management systems

Build deeper customer connections, personalise offerings, and drive loyalty with robust CRM solutions, while streamlining billing processes, and providing customers with flexible and transparent billing options.

Partner management & interoperability

Facilitate seamless collaboration with partners and ensure smooth interoperability between different systems. Enable your end-users to access new services - with zero downtime.

And more

From performance monitoring and analytics solutions, to fault management & automation software - we have experience across many more areas that can help you enhance software delivery.

We provide services to:

Why partner with us

Deep Telecom industry expertise

Our team has extensive experience in the Telecom sector, understanding its unique challenges and opportunities.

Innovative Telecom software solutions

We utilise cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative and scalable solutions, that enables flexibility and agility.

Customer-centric approach

Our solutions are designed with your customers in mind, enhancing their experiences and satisfaction.

Comprehensive support

From initial consultation to post-deployment, we offer full lifecycle support for your Telecom software needs.

Your tech stack covered

Our engineers have experience building Telecom software with numerous technologies.

Whatever your tech stack is, we got your back.

Benefits of outsourcing Telecom software development

secure software development

Reduced risk & improved security

Leverage our robust security protocols and data protection measures, while following Telecom industry standards and regulations.


Faster time to market

Focus on core business operations while Zartis expedites the development process. Our developers help you release new features and functionalities faster.

4 senior software developers

Flexible and scalable software teams

Gain access to a wider range of skills and knowledge, based on your changing needs. Scale your development resources up or down quickly to meet changing project requirements.

chart showing increased quality in telecom software development

Quality improvement

Benefit from the specialised focus on Telecom software for improved service quality and customer satisfaction. Leverage the expertise of Zartis engineers specialising in Telecom technologies.

Ready to modernise your Telecom offerings with innovative software?

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