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Discover some of the main technologies we specialise in, among many others.

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From .NET Core and cloud-native development with Microsoft Azure or AWS to Xamarin, and Blazor, including AoT compilation and more – leverage our .NET development services.

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We have a strong community of Java developers working on web apps, IoT solutions, enterprise solutions and cloud hosted applications with public and private clouds.

javascript development

Our developers build native frontend solutions with various Javascript and Typescript frameworks and libraries such as Angular and React, as well as fullstack web products using Node.js, and more.

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From fullstack Node.js development and cloud hosted applications with Azure, GCP, or AWS to responsive web app development – utilise our Node.js development services to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

Scala language

Outsource your Scala development with our dedicated developers. Whether you need a SaaS, PaaS or web-based product, we can cater to your specific needs with the help of the many Scala specialists we have within our team.

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Whether it’s building robust web apps, developing scalable APIs, or creating dynamic mobile apps, we harness the versatility of Typescript to deliver high-quality solutions that are both reliable and future-proof. With our team of experienced developers, we offer a seamless and efficient process.

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We leverage Python’s extensive libraries and frameworks to deliver high-performance solutions that drive business growth. With a focus on clean, readable code and rapid development cycles, we ensure quick time-to-market without compromising on quality. 

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With our team of certified AWS experts, we provide end-to-end solutions that leverage the power and scalability of AWS. From designing and deploying cloud architectures to optimising and managing existing infrastructure, we ensure seamless integration and maximum ROI.

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With Azure cloud services, and tools available to deploy custom solutions easily, accelerate your time-to-market. Our Cloud specialists can help your software team build cloud-native applications and optimise systems rapidly, while lowering cloud costs significantly.

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