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At Zartis, we specialise in building high-quality remote development teams and we have remote software engineers working all across Poland. We take care of everything, freeing up time and resources, so you can focus on the bigger picture — growing your business and creating products that customers love.


Benefit from faster hiring and onboarding


Modernise legacy software


Increase ROIs up to 100 times


Enable large-scale migrations


Outsourcing software development to Poland

Poland has been a global leader in the outsourced business services market for quite some time.

By 2014, Poland had outpaced all its neighbors in Central Europe, growing at a rate three times faster than India.

A 2015 KPMG study of 450 international organizations found that Poland was the second-most attractive location for IT outsourcing worldwide.


Build software faster and better. Thinking about outsourcing software development to Poland with remote software engineers? Whether you need one software developer or many – our staff augmentation services can help you create a top team that fits your technical and cultural needs.


Drive innovation, dodge the setbacks, and reach your goals. Our team of 200+ engineers can help you to build an MVP, improve your development process, modernise legacy systems, and more. Get industry-specific consultancy expertise to develop secure, and innovative solutions.

Poland case study

We are helping Ireland’s Fintech solutions giant, Fexco, modernise its tech stack, replace legacy software, and develop a cutting-edge digital signature product. We have 25+ developers, working remotely from Poland and Spain, as a part of the Fexco team since 5+ years and counting.

Why outsource to Poland

High-quality developer pool

Access an international talent pool of top notch software developers, without the hassle of contracting or physically relocating people.

Large talent pool

The number of specialists in the ICT sector places Poland among Europe’s top six countries.

Technical and cultural fit

Outsourcing software development to Poland is a great way to ensure the remote developers will be an excellent cultural fit.

Superior team integration

Because extended development teams work closely with your in-house team, you can benefit from total transparency.

Ease of access

Poland has minimal to no time zone difference with virtually all European countries.

Ease of communication

Poles ranked sixteenth in the world and fourteenth in Europe in the 2020 EF English Proficiency Index

Extend your software capabilities

With a technology partner specialised in building remote teams.

FAQs: Hiring dedicated teams in Poland

Yes, we ensure you have the final say on who joins your team. All remote software engineers pass our rigorous recruitment process and are approved by our own technical team. You get a detailed feedback report on all interviews.

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks to set up a new team. This can vary somewhat, depending on the location where we are setting up the team and the size of the team.


The success of each collaboration lies in transparency and ensuring a good flow of communication. To ensure success, we assign an Account Manager and Technical PoC for escalation or technical questions.

Yes, we take care of everything from the hardware purchase, and maintenance to on-going IT support to make sure that our teams works seamlessly with yours.

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