The scope of this policy is to inform the user of this website operated by ZARTIS (ASSEMBLY POINT LIMITED, an Irish company registered in the CRO under number 476271 and corporate address at 12 South Mall Cork, and its subsidiaries), in a clear and straightforward way about the use of cookies, their nature, use and purposes.


Cookies are small, and often encrypted, files with information sent and stored in the device from where the website is accessed (your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc.). They are used by web developers to help Users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent Users from using certain websites.

Cookies helps to improve quality, enabling, comparison, control and understand how our Users navigate through our website, identifying what they find useful and what not, and therefore used to improve the navigation system. Cookies may be used to recognize the User. Cookies do not harm your computer, they use a plain text format, they are not compiled pieces of code so they cannot be executed nor are they self-executing, they are only useful to improve the experience offered. Some cookies may be strictly necessary for the performance and other may be used to improve the User’s experience.

Where cookies contain personal data, this data will be processed according to our privacy policy.


Cookies are classified as follows:

According to their duration:

  • Session: These cookies are only active during the user session; these cookies are not stored in the user’s computer and are deleted when your browser is closed.
  • Permanent: These cookies are stored in the user’s computer and activate when the website is visited. Once expired new consent from the user will be required.

According to its purpose:

    • Technical, and Strictly necessary for the services: If these cookies are not permitted you may not receive our contents and services adequately. These cookies enable navigation across the website, apply security measures or control the traffic.
    • Customization: Enable the users to choose some of the features of the website such as language or type of browser. This website does not use customization cookies.
    • Analytics: for the monitoring and statistical analysis of the behaviour of the users in the website. These cookies are used to measure the activity in the website in order to enhance the experience of the user.
    • Publicity: This website does not use publicity and behavioural publicity cookies to manage publicity space or customization of the website content accordingly to the specific user profile.

According to its management:

  • Own cookies: These are cookies from the web the user is visitng.
  • Third parties’: these are cookies installed by other than the webmaster.



Our website uses cookies to learn about your use while navigating. Specifically, we use cookies to ease your navigation, distinguish you from other users, provide a better experience and identify problems that enables us to improve the site.

This website uses the following cookies:

Google Analytics IAnalyticsPermanenteThird partyTo generate a unique ID for the user, used to count the number of times they have visited the website and first and last date they visited the website

Whenever cookies contain personal data this will processed according to our Privacy Policy.


You will be asked to give consent the first time you visit our website or when necessary. When you navigate across the website without blocking cookies you are consenting the use of the cookies in the conditions aforementioned.


Depending on your browser you can manage your cookies as follows:

In your browser, you can revoke your consent by blocking or deleting the cookies installed in your device. Please remember this may affect the functioning of the website.