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medtech software industries

In the field of Medtech, we’ve partnered with healthcare organisations and providers to improve patient care. Our work includes developing healthcare software and patient management systems, as well as enabling greater access to mental health care solutions. 

renewable energy clients

Zartis engineers have harnessed the power of technology to propel many energy companies & sustainable initiatives. From optimising energy grids to developing software for cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, we’ve been at the forefront of reducing carbon footprints and increasing energy efficiency for a greener future.

Our expertise in Banking and Fintech has empowered various financial institutions, from traditional banks to modern digital banking and trading companies. We’ve facilitated seamless digitalisation projects, enhanced online banking journeys, and driven financial inclusion through digital platforms, redefining how people manage their finances.



Our expert developers have transformed many education systems by making learning accessible and engaging in an all-remote world. We’ve developed online schools, e-learning platforms, educational apps, and virtual classrooms that have empowered students, schools, and universities, reshaping the future of education.

insurtech software


Zartis teams have worked with Insurtech companies of all sizes, and have successfully digitised many insurance services. We’ve leveraged technology to create efficient underwriting processes, claims management systems, and personalised insurance products. Our work has simplified the insurance experience for both providers and policyholders.

telco software development


We work with some of the largest telecommunication providers in Europe, to offer seamless connectivity for mobile devices, automotive manufacturers, IoT devices, and more. Our contributions span from network infrastructure improvements to the development of cutting-edge embedded systems and communication apps.

Logistics & Shipping

Zartis’ software experts have enabled the movement of countless goods across the globe. We have successfully supported clients along every step of the supply chain, include fleet management, systems and warehouse automation, and enhancing last-mile delivery efficiency. We’ve played a key role in ensuring that products reach their destinations swiftly and cost-effectively, empowering businesses through modern software.

ecommerce software development


Our partners in this space include retailers and e-commerce software providers that enable global businesses. We’ve successfully created robust online marketplaces, optimized supply chains, and enhanced user experiences. Our solutions have facilitated growth, scalability, and revenue acceleration for businesses in this fast-paced, ever-evolving sector.

travel and tourism software

Travel & Tourism

Our innovative solutions are transforming the travel landscape. Catering to a broad range of clients, from major airlines to personalized travel services – our expertise spans airline software, diverse booking platforms, customized travel itinerary creation, and more.

industries we serve

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These are only some of the industries we serve. Over the years we've had the privilege of serving 100+ clients, creating solutions to solve a vast array of challenges.

Case studies

fexco outsourcing case study

Helping Ireland’s Fintech solutions giant modernise its tech stack, replace legacy software, and develop a cutting-edge digital signature product.

kaluza success story

Working on an intelligent platform ecosystem that is powering the future of energy, contributing to product development with multiple technologies.

edubites case study

Setting up a remote engineering team to spearhead the development of an online education platform from scratch for eduBITES.

comparis case study

Nearshoring services, in the areas of React, TypeScript and .NET development. Our engineers bring full-stack expertise to daily operations.

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