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Connect with our network of tech leaders, wherever you are

At Zartis, we thrive on connecting with, and enabling like-minded technology leaders to achieve their business goals.

We foster these connections through regular events and meetups, annual summits and conferences, as well as online webinars, all organised by our team of software experts.

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Interesting Guests and Speakers

Leaders from successful tech companies

Our events bring together leaders from the tech industry to share their first-hand experiences in leading and managing internationally-distributed software teams.

Experts from the industry

Learn from the experts possessing in-depth knowledge and specialising in different areas of software, business, and governance.

Interactive Panel Discussions

Share your experiences

Validate your ideas by sharing your opinions with your peers, and discover how they went about solving similar challenges.

Ask your questions

You will have opportunities to ask questions to the speakers in the Q&A sessions, and network with the rest of our guests afterwards.

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Tech Showcases & Insights

Hands-on software advice

Discover how to address specific challenges in practice, using real life advice given by peers that have experienced the same obstacles.

Knowledge sharing

Access the insights prepared and shared by the Zartis team on the topic of the night, along with the highlights of the discussion. Sign up here!

AI summit

Building and sharing knowledge in all things AI

The first Zartis AI Summit took place on November 17th 2023, in Madrid, Spain.

The goal of the event was to explore the various applications of AI within technology companies by bringing together technology leaders and experts in the field.

What to expect from the AI Summit

Interesting Keynotes

2023 Keynotes:

Overview Of AI Regulatory Landscape - by Dr Florian Ostmann, Head of AI Governance & Regulatory Innovation at The Alan Turing Institute

Delivering Business Value With AI - by Federico Castanedo, Academic Director and Professor at IE University

Interactive Panels

2023 Panels:
Panel - AI & Regulatory Considerations
Exploring the business implications of regulations implemented across different jurisdictions and sectors
Panel - AI-Driven Operational Efficiency
Exploring how businesses can drive operational performance up by utlising AI

Tech Showcases

Zartis AI Committee - Lessons Learned
Insights shared by the Zartis AI Committee on AI tools selection, GenAI development, and implementation. Insights on:

Setting up your AI strategy
AI-powered programming tools
AI-powered QA and testing tools
AI-powered DevOps tools

wine and tech event by Zartis

Creating local networks of technology leaders

Wine and Tech is a series of events that aims to connect and promote knowledge sharing among technology professionals.

Each event focuses on a specific area of discussion and creates opportunities for learning through open conversations

How it works



Enjoy some food and drinks in interesting company, and grow your network of tech leaders in your local area.



Let's talk about the ins and outs of the topic at hand and discover the most common hurdles faced by teams and companies.

Become a remote-first company


Discover how others are approaching the challenges you might have, and find out about some potential solutions.

Wine & Tech London


Building Software for Diverse Markets

Wine & Tech Berlin


Optimising Team Efficiency

Wine & Tech Dublin


AI-Driven Operational Efficiency

Wine and Tech New York


How AI will Impact Financial Services

Wine and Tech Seattle


The Potential Uses of AI in Tech Companies

Upcoming Wine & Tech Events



AI-Driven Operational Performance

Interested in joining?



AI-Driven Operational Performance

Interested in joining?



AI-Driven Operational Performance

Interested in joining?

Talking .NET Conference

Talking .NET is an online conference comprising various webinars relating to the .NET ecosystem.

Insights from past events:

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