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Bespoke software development and consulting services

Zartis is an Irish born, European software consulting and outsourcing company, specialised in building high-quality products and dedicated software teams.

Whether you need early stage support in the form of software consulting or you need more resources in the form of dedicated development teams – we take care of all your software needs from design to delivery.

How it works

Years of experience in the UK market and hard-earned know-how are our secret ingredients to success. We can help you hire the best remote developers or assemble the right European teams to ensure long-term business success.



We start with a chat about your business and your requirements so that we can successfully deliver what you need.



We analyse your technical and cultural requirements and draft a collaborative strategy to resolve your issues.



We integrate your extended development team into your workflow and support them to ensure long-term success.

Benefits of outsourcing software development

High-quality developer pool

Access an international talent pool of top notch software developers, without the hassle of contracting or physically relocating people.

Superior team integration

Because extended development teams work closely with your in-house team, you can benefit from total transparency around the work being done.

Technical and cultural fit

Outsourcing to a location in Central or Southern Europe is the best way to ensure the remote developers will make an excellent cultural fit.

Our services

Dedicated development teams for hire

Build software faster and better. Thinking about outsourcing software development with remote software engineers? Whether you need one software developer or many – our staff augmentation services can help you create a top team that fits your technical and cultural needs.

software consulting services by Zartis

Drive innovation, dodge the setbacks, and reach your goals. Our team of 200+ engineers can help you to build an MVP, improve your development process, modernise legacy systems, and more. Get industry-specific consultancy expertise to develop secure, and innovative solutions.

They work with us. How about you?

Today we work with 60+ clients, including many of the UK and Ireland’s leading technology companies.

Extend your software capabilities

With a technology partner specialised in building remote teams.

Why Zartis

secure software development


Security is high up the priority list for us. We’re ISO 27001 certified.

Lovely People


We have extensive experience across various skill sets and technologies.

Proven Track Record


We hire great people who are on top of their engineering game.

Zartis in the UK

Our UK office is located in London. Reach out today to find out how we can help you strt outsourcing software development projects.

Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, UK EC1V 2NX

Start outsourcing software development today.

Join the tech companies in the UK, working with nearshore development teams across Europe.