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Grow your Node.js expertise with dedicated software developers.

Developing web applications with Node.js is our forte. We work on various successful Node.js consulting projects across different industries.

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Fullstack Node.js Developers
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Node.js Consulting Projects
Success in Node.js Development Projects

Our Node.js Development Expertise

With the growing demand for Node.js developers, we have grown our client portfolio across different countries and industries such as renewable energies, logistics and more.

From full-stack development with Node.js and cloud hosted applications with Azure, GCP, or AWS to developing responsive web applications – utilize our Node.js development services to reach your goals.

  • Developing scalable web applications with Node.js

  • Building large-scale, complex applicatoins from scratch

  • Software integration, optimization, and migration projects

  • Product development, PoCs, reduction of technical debt and more.

Our Node.js Stack

Together, we create the best Node.js development environment based on your needs and wishes.







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PM2 processing for Nodejs


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node js testing library Chai


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and more…

Case study: Boosting cloud operations

Kaluza required expert software engineers, who can not only hit the ground running but proactively contribute to new product development. Our engineers contribute with multiple technologies including Node.js, Go, React, and Typescript.

Benefits of Node.js

Easy to learn

Javascript and languages that transpile to JS are much easier to learn compared to others.




Web applications developed with Node.js can handle high loads of traffic with ease, allowing a better user experience.


The Node.js community is full of active contributors, supporting each other and the numbers keep growing.

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