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Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

We know good code. Deep experience and hard-earned know-how are our secret ingredients to building cutting-edge software.

We help you find the best remote developers and assemble the right European teams to ensure long-term business success.

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Why Outsource Your Software Development?

The industry trends and our own client record are unequivocal: more and more German companies are looking into nearshore outsourcing. Why? Besides the skills shortage, the long notice periods and Germany’s restrictive employment rules can increase the cost of recruiting locally considerably.

Outsourcing in Europe is the preferred option for the vast majority of companies in Germany. In 2019, 77% of German enterprises nearshored their software development in Europe.

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Dedicated Development Teams

Want to build software faster? Thinking about outsourcing software development with remote software engineers? Whether you need one software developer or many – our dedicated development team services can help you create a top team that fits your technical and cultural needs. And we manage it all for you, so there’s no added headache.

technology consulting Services

Want to drive innovation, dodge the setbacks, and get to market fast? Our team of 200+ engineers can help you to build an MVP or PoC, improve your development process, modernise legacy systems, and more. Through our software experts working around the globe, you get industry-specific consultancy expertise to develop innovative solutions.

Zartis Clients in Germany

Zartis has been a central part of our strategy to take the Steinbeis SMI Learning experience fully online and international. So far, we have worked with 3 full-stack Zartis engineers, focusing mainly on technologies such as ReactJS, AWS Lambda, Python, Moodle, Office365 and, more recently, Flutter, as we focus our development on a new eLearning product called eduBites.
CTO | Steinbeis SMI

The Benefits of Nearshoring



Quickly scale your remote team up or down to match your changing software needs

hire extended development team members

Larger Talent Pool

Access the best engineers, without relocation or onboarding constraints

extended business hours

No Time Zone Difference

Setting up your team in one of our engineering hubs in Europe will ensure your team is in the same time zone as you

No Hassle

We take care of everything from payroll and benefits to hardware and IT support, so you can focus on building your product quicker

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