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Nearshore and Offshore Software Outsourcing to Latin America

At Zartis, we have extensive experience building high-quality, fully remote, extended development teams in LATAM for our clients in the US.

We pick the best software developers for you, and assemble dedicated development teams in no time.

IT staff augmentation in Latin America

A well-thought-out and professionally executed IT staff augmentation strategy can help take your business to the next level.


Brazil is the No. 1 software outsourcing country in the LATAM region, and 13th in the world. It has the largest number of software developers in the South America region, as well as advanced laws on data protection.


Argentina is the No. 2 software outsourcing country in LATAM and 14th in the world. With the highest English proficiency in the region and cultural similarities with the US, Argentina offers an ease of collaboration.


The key to Mexico's success is its large, well-educated developer pool that’s ranked #2 worldwide in software skills tests. Over 130,000 engineers graduate from Mexican universities yearly and the total available engineering pool stands above 700,000. 

The case study of Brazil

Brazil is the #1 software outsourcing country in the region, and the top choice for US companies when it comes to nearshore outsourcing.

  • Top Engineering Skills

    The country has no shortage of top-notch technical universities to meet this demand.  In 2021, The University of Sao Paulo was ranked 1st in the Best Global Universities in Latin America.

  • Large Talent Pool

    Brazil has over 500,000 professionals participating in software development. With 227,000 STEM graduates per year from Brazilian tech institutes, this number is sure to continue rising.

  • Smooth Collaboration

    Brazilian developers are used to the working culture of US companies, focusing on innovation and creativity. Considering the similar time zones that allow for real-time collaboration, it is no surprise that more and more US companies are outsourcing to Brazil.

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flexible software team sizes

Dedicated Development Teams

Want to build software faster? Thinking about outsourcing software development with remote software engineers? Whether you need one software developer or many - our staff augmentation services can help you create a top team that fits your technical and cultural needs. And we manage it all for you, so there’s no added headache.

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Software Consulting Services

Want to drive innovation, dodge the setbacks, and get to market fast? Our team of 200+ engineers can help you to build an MVP, improve your development process, modernise legacy systems, and more. Get industry-specific consultancy expertise to develop secure, and innovative solutions.

Software outsourcing to Latin America

The benefits of Staff Augmentation



Quickly scale your team up or down to match your changing needs

software developer retention rate

Larger Talent Pool

Access the best engineers, without location constraints

hire high quality software developers


Software developers in many LATAM countries rank among the top developers in skills tests

a blue tick for successful software development

No Hassle

We take care of everything from payroll and benefits to hardware and IT support, so you can focus on building your product quicker

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