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Where and how can Generative AI help?

Software development

From unit & API testing, to code generation, code reviews, and bug detection & fixing - GenAI can help speed up and improve your product development.


GenAI can provide automated code analysis, predictive analytics for performance monitoring, and CI/CD optimisation in order to improve your release process.

Customer support

Enable multi-language support through virtual assistants to answer customer questions directly, or help your agents find the relevant information quicker.

And much more

GenAI has impactful use cases across HR, Finance, Product, Sales, as well as cross-department process optimiastions.

Current generative AI technologies have the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 % of employees’ time today.

McKinsey, 2023

What to expect from a Zartis Generative AI engagement

Custom solutions for your particular needs

State-of-the-art expertise in LLMs and the GenAI tools ecosystem

Compliance and data security assessment

Focus on scalability and sustainability of the solution

Emphasis on performance, monitoring, and data insights

Continuous fine-tuning

GenAI in action: Virtual Assistant Development

We built  an AI-powered virtual assistant for a multinational educational technology client.

The goal was to significantly speed up the work of the customer success teams by reducing the time required to search extensive and complex product catalogues. The solution also provides insights on the type of questions coming in, in order to guide future optimisations. 


AI consulting services team members

The results

Zartis’ AI experts delivered a custom PoC within 2 weeks. In order to ensure business requirements alignment and continuous technical improvement, we took an interactive approach, starting small.

In order to achieve the high level of customisation required in this project, we restructured the data and documentation, and enabled the AI model to access and serve information more clearly. This approach allows for more reliable results without hallucinations.

The virtual assistant serves to help customer success teams to find answers in complex documentation and deal with repetitive questions in a more efficient way.

The virtual assistant provides insights on the type, content, and volume of queries in order to guide future process or documentation improvements within the team.

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