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Process Improvement Services

Software Proceses

Our consultants design modern processes based on your technological & business needs with the goal of improving your SDLC. Adopt new approaches that give you a competitive edge.

Strategy Development

Get a detailed roadmap and implementation plan on how to achieve the changes and improvements you wish for. Our experts deliver a step-by-step plan for your team to execute.

DevOps & Automation

Our consultants specialising in DevOps practices will guide you through the process of avoiding common pitfalls to ensure your deployment funnel is as automated & efficient as possible.

Team Structure

Structure your teams & handover processes to enable a truly agile way of working. With proper processes in place, you can improve productivity, increase output & lower delivery times.


All of our software experts work with agile methodologies and best practices. We tailor our approach to your company size, in-house processes, and project requirements.


We strive to create quality products following good quality processes. Depending on your needs, we can deliver testing strategies, automation guidance, and best practices recommendations.

Identify areas for improvement & implement changes

If you are considering implementing Software Process Improvement (SPI) in your organisation, it’s important to carefully assess your current processes and needs and select the approach that best fits your business goals and culture. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced consultant can help you achieve results much quicker and without common pitfalls.

Why our clients work with us

Process improvement case study

Our software experts are helping Ireland’s Fintech solutions giant – Fexco – modernise its tech stack, replace legacy software, and develop a cutting-edge digital signature product.

SPI Whitepaper

A deep dive into how software teams should be structured to minimise dependencies and create self-organising squads

Zartis Whitepaper on software team structure

Discover the most common mistakes that lead to excessive dependencies in the SDLC & how to optimise your software team structure.

Our tech expertise

FAQs: Process improvement

We have designed or optimised processes across companies of all sizes and various industries. We understand the different considerations that go into working with a smaller team vs multiple teams of hundreds of engineers. 

Additionally, our software experts have worked across many different industries including fintech, logistics and fulfillment, edtech, medtech, renewable energy, e-commerce, automotive, travel, and media technology. We understand the different demands of different sectors, including those highly regulated, and we design tailored processes to support each client’s specific needs.

Our consultants arrange a series of in-depth meetings with all relevant stakeholders to understand the challenges you are trying to solve. From there, we start an analysis of AS-IS in order to assess the current processes and TO-BE – an SPI blueprint in incremental steps outlining a plan of how to get to where you want to be. Throughout this process improvement consulting journey, our teams collaborate with your teams through daily and weekly meetings to ensure success and perfect alignment on designated goals.

We work on a time and materials model with daily rates. You only pay for the days the dedicated software engineers work, while we take care of holidays and eventualities such as sick or parental leave.

Our software consultants are based across EMEA and LATAM. While we have offices in Ireland, Spain, and Poland, we are a remote-first company, and most of the Zartis engineers are working remotely from European and North American time zones.

Depending on your particular needs, it can be short-term for a limited amount of time or longer term and ongoing. Whether you need insights on a specific challenge at hand, or need ongoing support to implement systematic changes – our team will work with you on understanding your goals and requirements, and advising on a timeline suited to your needs.

Throughout the process, we conduct daily & weekly meetings with client teams and start implementing short-term changes quickly. This close collaboration allows us to start delivering results quickly.

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