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Zartis ranks among the top technology consulting companies providing outstanding expertise and experience across UX, Frontend, Backend Development, DevOps, Data Science and Engineering and Mobile Development.

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Zartis has been an essential partner to Fexco for many years. They have continuously helped us to build great software by implementing and utilizing modern technologies. The Zartis engineers are nothing short of world-class, and we can highly recommend their services.​
David O'Brien, Fexco CTO, a Zartis nearshoring partner
david o'brien
CTO | Fexco Drive

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Javascript (Angular, React, Vue), .NET, Java, Python, Scala, Ruby, Go, and cloud-based architectures like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, are just some of the many technologies we use.


Javascript (Angular, React, Vue), .NET, Java, Python, Scala, Ruby, Go and cloud-based architectures like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are just some of the many technologies we use.

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