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Apply DevOps best practices like a pro.

Introduce new processes, optimize and automate existing ones, and re-structure engineering teams to achieve more effective software development.

Why Zartis

Our DevOps Services


We create a DevOps strategy and roadmap by analysing your current state and identifying opportunities for improvement.


Our experts can advise on all areas of CI/CD - continuous development, continuous integration and deployment, and continuous testing.


Automate the whole process pipeline from code generation to production, including builds, tests, quality checks, and more.

Release Management

Our DevOps consultants can guide you through problems and bottlenecks to make sure your deployments go smoothly.

Security Integration

We have DevOps experts specialising in DevSecOps practices & building end-to-end security integrations. Build future-proof and secure software.

Cloud Optimization

From migrating processes to the cloud, to automating deployments, our DevOps experts can help you optimize your cloud infrastructure and costs.

DevOps case study


Helping Ireland's Fintech solutions giant modernize its tech stack, replace legacy software and develop a cutting-edge digital signature product. Our extended developers have been working as a part of the Fexco team for 5+ years and counting.

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From process optimization, automation and CI/CD, to restructuring engineering teams and creating collaborative processes, our DevOps experts help clients achieve full efficiency. We can help you design a DevOps strategy best suited to your team from scratch, or optimize your existing one.

We like to start the process with exploratory meetings. First, we arrange an in-depth meeting with business team members and all relevant stakeholders to understand your infrastructure and the challenges you are dealing with. Then we arrange separate workshops with technical team members, dealing with the specific issues on a daily basis. From there, we will gather all the insights, and start an analysis of AS-IS and TO-BE. These blueprints allow you to realistically assess the current processes and discover the structural changes needed to optimize the DevOps process. We provide detailed analysis and roadmaps with step-by-step action plans.

We have many DevOps experts, specializing in different areas of the SDLC, and covering the whole process. Based on your needs, we assemble the most suitable team for you from our pool of DevOps consultants.

We work with a wide range of technologies when it comes to DevOps. From the usual culprits such as Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Jenkins, to cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos and more; we’ve worked with various technologies in a large spectrum of projects, including on-premise to cloud migrations, optimising CI/CD pipelines, introducing automated testing, deployment, monitoring, and more.

The duration depends on the size of your system and the type of problems you are trying to solve. Depending on your particular needs, it can be short-term for a limited amount of time or longer-term and ongoing. Our team will work with you on understanding your goals and requirements and advising on a timeline suited to your needs.

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