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Leverage AI to drive performance across your business

Discover the potential of artificial intelligence and integrate cutting-edge AI solutions into your workflows. Our AI experts can help you improve performance across every department of your business.


Proof of concept development to validate and test ideas


Automation using AI to reduce time, resources, and operational costs


Custom AI solutions that address your unique needs


Optimise processses by identifying repeat problems

Our AI consulting services

Improve performanc with AI

AI for operational performance

At Zartis, we specialise in helping companies figure out where to start, how to utilise AI, and what type of returns to expect. Our AI experts help clients reap the benefits of AI through custom strategies and solutions.

product improvement with AI

AI for product improvement

Our AI experts help clients discover opportunities for implementing AI in their products, and empower them to achieve these changes by supporting them through the whole development process.

AI use cases: Operational performance

1. Software Development

From code generation to unit & API testing, automated code reviews, and bug detection & fixing - Generative AI can help speed up and improve product development.

2. DevOps

Generative AI (GenAI) can provide automated code analysis, predictive analytics for performance monitoring, security, and CI/CD optimisation in order to improve your release process.

3. Customer Support, Sales & People

Virtual Assistants can carry out the heavy lifting for your Support, Sales and People teams by answering repetitive queries in multiple languages. Additionally, VA's can identify trends and provide valuable insights for improvement.

4. Operations

Streamline workflows for increased performance and efficiency.

AI use cases: Product improvement

1. Virtual assistants & chatbots

In addition to driving performance, VA's and chatbots can make for a more seamless user interaction with a product.

2. LLM model improvement through RAG

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) enhances LLMs by allowing them to access and generate information from a knowledge base, enabling more accurate and contextual responses.

3. AI & data analytics

From predictive analytics to more intuitive and interactive data summaries,  AI offers powerful ways to derive value from large quantities of data and extract insights.

4. Customised experiences

AI can create powerful and context-specific user experiences though translation, speech to text and text to speech, and style-sensitive content creation.

How it works

1. Discovery

Our AI experts work with you to understand your needs, and identify opportunities where AI can help you achieve process improvements. From discovery to delivery, we work with your team through daily & weekly meetings to remain fully aligned.

2. As-Is and To-Be

Based on what we've learned about your AI needs, we deliver a detailed analysis, including an assesment of your current set up (AS-IS), a vision of where it needs to be to enable efficient implementation of AI (TO-BE), and a detailed plan on how to get there.

3. Implementation

Whether you need help with training your team, managing the transition, or require additional resources to implement the suggested AI solutions, we can help you execute your strategy.

AI case studies

edtech client for ai project

Find out how our engineers helped an edtech giant build an AI-powered virtual assistant in to support multiple locations and languages.

customer service team working with AI technology

Discover how our AI experts helped a leading global supplier of billing insights solutions set a company-wide AI strategy and implementation roadmap.

Why implement AI in your business

Enhanced efficiency and performance

AI helps you automate repetitive tasks and processes by reducing manual workloads. Allow your employees to focus on high-value tasks and increase operational efficiency as a result.

Cost reduction across the organisation

Work smarter, not harder. Automation and optimisation lead to cost savings, whether through reduced labor costs, better resource allocation, or lower error rates in processes.

Improved team happiness and retention

AI-driven tools can help employees save time and boost productivity by handling routine tasks, allowing them to focus on creative and strategic work.

Faster time to market and improved services

AI streamlines processes and accelerates tasks. This can cut down on time-to-market, while also providing additional services that can boost user satisfaction and retention.

The successful implementation of AI can improve your team’s performance & output quality by up to 40%.

Meanwhile, companies that don’t implement AI properly can see a drop of up to -20%.

Harvard & BCG, 2023

Our AI tech stack

AI resources

FAQs: AI consulting

At Zartis, we provide AI consulting services across different stages of the AI adoption process, from architectural design and tools selection, to customisation and implementation. Our AI experts can help you define an AI strategy, build GenAI products or customise existing solutions from the market, and manage any integration or implementation. 

Firstly, we arrange a series of in-depth meetings with all relevant stakeholders from your teams, business and technical, to understand what challenges you are trying to solve. From there, we will start an analysis of AS-IS in order to assess the current system requirements and TO-BE – a blueprint with incremental steps outlining an implementation plan. Throughout this process, our consultants collaborate with your teams through daily and weekly meetings to ensure success and perfect alignment on any assigned goals.

Depending on your particular needs, it can be short term for a limited amount of time or longer term and ongoing (CTO or Architect-as-a-Service). Our team will work with you on understanding your goals and requirements and advising on a timeline suited to your needs.

We have provided software consulting and development projects across multiple industries, including fintech, logistics and fulfilment, edtech, medtech, renewable energy, e-commerce, automotive, travel and media technology. We understand the varying demands of different sectors, including those with heavy regulations and compliance requirements. To that end, we are ISO 27001 certified and place a strong focus on security and compliance.

We have deep expertise across most common technologies, including, but not limited to JavaScript/TypeScript (React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js), .NET, Java, Python, Scala, Golang, and in cloud technologies, such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Our engineers also have experience in modern software applications of AI, Machine Learning, NLPs, and more.

Depending on your needs, we choose the most suitable expert from our pool of AI specialists. We want to ensure maximum return on investment for you by providing the expertise you need. Whether it’s particular domain challenges or specific technological complexity – we have seen it all before.

Start innovating today.

Leverage the collective experience of our AI experts to propel your business.