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All our engineers go through a rigorous recruitment process to make sure we hire only the highest-quality talent. Client testimonials and high retention rates are proof that our approach works.

reach your software development goals quickly and cost-effectively

Achieve goals quickly & cost-effectively.

Get access to top developer talent at a very reasonable cost. You will be surprised by what you can achieve while keeping investment of resources low.

maximize your engineering team resources

Minimise risk. Maximise resources.

Benefit from the flexibility of hiring individual engineers or a whole dedicated development team for short- or long-term projects. Scale up or down easily as your needs change.

focus on software development

Less admin. More build time.

From hiring and security setup to local payroll and ongoing support, we take care of the whole process so you can focus on what matters — building great software.

On your terms.

What you need, when you need it.

Zartis provides both individual software developers and full, multi-functional dedicated software development teams to clients across the US, UK and Europe. Collaborations range from six months to many years, depending on your needs.

How it works


You tell us what you need.


We put the right engineers in place for you.


We build great software together.

Low cost. High scale development.

Why Us

developing secure software


Security is high up the priority list for us. We’re ISO 27001 certified.

hire the best software developers


We hire great people who are on top of their engineering game.

highly skilled fullstack software engineer


We have extensive experience across various skill sets and technologies.

Zartis ISO certification for information security management
Deloitte technology fast50 2020 ranking for Zartis, a software company
Enterprise Ireland logo as a network partner of irish tech company Zartis

We've built a dedicated team for them. What can we do for you?

Zartis has been an outstanding partner for Dotdash. They’ve helped us to hire and grow the team, with excellent engineers, much faster than we could have in New York.
Alec Turnbull, VP of Product at Dotdash software company
VP of Product | Dotdash

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks to set up a new team. This can vary somewhat, depending on the location where we are setting up the team and the size of the team.

We believe the success of each collaboration lies in transparency and ensuring a good flow of communication. If something is going wrong, we will tell you, and if something is going wrong from your perspective, we would expect you to tell us, so we can address it as soon as possible. To ensure that, for each collaboration, we assign a point of contact on the technical side and on the business side. On the technical side, this would usually be the most senior team member, who will act as a point of contact for escalation or technical questions. On the business side, we assign an Account Manager, whose role is to ensure there is regular feedback gathered and act as a main point of contact for anything you need throughout the collaboration.

We have engineers in Spain, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.

We work on a time and materials model with daily rates. You only pay for the days the engineers work, while we take care of holidays and eventualities such as sick or parental leave.

Yes, we ensure you have the final say on who joins your team. All engineers, who are sent to you have passed our rigorous recruitment process and were approved by our own technical team. We recommend you talk to them to ensure they are the right cultural and technical fit from your perspective as well. This way we make sure you are happy with everyone joining your team, with minimal investment of your time and resources interviewing.

Yes, the IP is entirely yours.

Yes, you can. We have teams of 1 and teams of over 20 engineers, depending on the needs of our clients.

Yes, we take care of the hardware purchase, maintenance and IT support.

Yes, in case an engineer is not working out for you, we will move them off your team.

The minimum duration of a collaboration is 6 months. Most of our collaborations are long-term and ongoing for many years.

Team members are assigned full-time to your team.

Here are the three areas we believe make us a good company and a good partner.


Company Values and Culture 

Engineers like working at Zartis, as evidenced by our 4.8/5 rating on Glassdoor after 60+ reviews. We only take on good clients with interesting projects, who believe in treating people respectfully, and who focus on working to high standards. This is also the reason people tend to stay long after they join. In the twelve years we have been in business, we have consistently worked hard to live up to our values, and to continually improve as a company.


We Tell the Truth

In case there is an issue within a team; a problem, a delay, a setback, we work actively to solve that issue collaboratively with our customers. We have a lot of trust from our clients, not because we are perfect, but because we believe in being upfront, and not hiding small problems. This makes it easy to partner with Zartis, and is one of the reasons that our customers stay with us for the long term.


A Threefold Value Proposition

We have a very high technical bar to work at Zartis, and a great developer community, which allows us to do three things. One is that we help our clients to deliver high quality software. The second element of value stems from the fact that our highly experienced engineers can help the clients own team to improve. We do not have a belief that we know everything, however, we have a lot of expertise in modern application development, so we can help transmit knowledge and experience to customer teams. The third part is our developer community: we have multiple teams working with many different technologies, who have seen it all - when facing a technical challenge or an important decision - you can tap into the know-how of your own team, but also the larger Zartis developer community. We share technical knowledge while always protecting client IP.

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