Is Your Mobile App Secure?

mobile app security

Let’s take a look at the various tools and techniques used in fraud attacks, and how you can prevent such attacks from happening.

(SaaS) Software as a Service – Everything You Need To Know

What is Software-as-a-Service?

Even if you don’t know what SaaS is, chances are you’ve used it multiple times, perhaps even daily.  From Google Apps, Slack, and Dropbox to Salesforce, ZenDesk, and HubSpot — to say nothing of Zoom, which turned into a household name pretty much overnight thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic — SaaS solutions are everywhere these […]

Reducing DevOps Costs with Serverless Architecture

reducing cost in devops with serverless architecture

This article will look into Serverless Architecture – what is it, what are the advantages and disadvantages and how you can minimize your DevOps spend by leveraging serverless architecture. This blog is a summary of the webinar held by Andrzej Brozniak, Senior Cloud Engineer and DevOps Consultant. You can watch the full webinar here.   […]

Once Upon a Time… Software Development and The Saga Pattern

saga design pattern in software development

The title might be a bit confusing, so let us explain what we will be talking about. If you are a software developer and you are looking for a real life analogy of what we are creating every day and WHY we develop software in the manner that we currently do, here is what we have […]

Release Management Best Practices

release management best practices

In this article, we’ll try to give you our (opinionated) vision of how the whole process should be in order to ease Deployment Day as much as possible.