3 Undeniable Characteristics of Modern Web Apps

characteristics of modern web apps

There’s no two ways about it: modern web apps are the future. In a previous post, we explained how they are more flexible, cost-effective, and offer a more seamless software integration than legacy systems. They also utilize a modern stack which enables greater compatibility. In this post, we’ll take a look at some other characteristics of […]

Top E-Commerce Technology Trends of 2020

e-commerce technology trends 2020

#E-Commerce COVID-19 changed our world overnight, and e-commerce technology trends make no exception.  With pretty much everyone in lockdown, consumers turned to online shopping like never before, generating conversion rates of 8.8% — the likes of which are usually only observed on Cyber Mondays.   The result?    According to Statista, the global digital market […]

3 Hidden Costs of Maintaining Legacy Software

legacy software maintenance and modernizing your tech stack

While many new startups emphasize being on the cutting edge of technologies and technological innovation, the reality for most companies that have been in business a while is that they are dealing with some form of digital transformation of legacy systems. What are Legacy Systems? Legacy systems usually refer to mission-critical technology, that were developed […]

3 Ways Modern Web Apps Give You A Competitive Advantage

advantages of modern web applications

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the old saying goes — which tells you that whoever said that clearly never had to deal with legacy software systems. Even if your legacy software seems to be performing just fine, you should seriously consider replacing it with modern web apps before it’s too late.  Some benefits […]

Top Tips for Modern Software Development

tips for modern software development

In this new era, building software effectively and efficiently is more important than ever before. Companies need to achieve a more rapid return on investment and get new apps to market quickly. The engineers at Zartis have shared their top tips for making this happen. 1. Keep Things Agile With an agile mindset, you should […]

Talking .NET 2020: An Online Conference for the .NET World

.NET conference

Talking .NET & C# A survey by Jetbrains shows C# is ‘the most loved programming language’ and Github ranks it among the top used languages and growing in popularity. With C# comes a rich and ever-growing ecosystem of technologies that enables smooth and efficient software development for any business case. At Zartis, we have a […]