The Evolution of C# Language

the evolution of the C# language

The objective of this article is to describe how a language like C# evolves over time and all the management that it implies for future language releases.

3 Undeniable Characteristics of Modern Web Apps

characteristics of modern web apps

There’s no two ways about it: modern web apps are the future. In a previous post, we explained how they are more flexible, cost-effective, and offer a more seamless software integration than legacy systems. They also utilize a modern stack which enables greater compatibility. In this post, we’ll take a look at some other characteristics of […]

Top E-Commerce Technology Trends of 2020

e-commerce technology trends 2020

#E-Commerce COVID-19 changed our world overnight, and e-commerce technology trends make no exception.  With pretty much everyone in lockdown, consumers turned to online shopping like never before, generating conversion rates of 8.8% — the likes of which are usually only observed on Cyber Mondays.   The result?    According to Statista, the global digital market […]