Project Connect

A social initiative aiming to provide internet access to individuals across the world

internet connectivity

Project Connect is a CSR initiative, organized by Zartis, aiming to enable women from conflict areas through internet connectivity. Our mission is to empower women training as software engineers in the Middle East, by connecting them to the world.

The Mission

Working with NASC, an Irish NGO, and local contacts on the ground in the middle east to remove the barriers to training and education for women who want to become software engineers.

Our goal is to raise financing through supporting individuals and companies and create a sustainable system for providing stable internet connectivity.

Through Project Connect, we would like to provide equal chances for everyone suffering from sudden disruption of daily life and opportunities.

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Contribute to change.

We are looking for partners to raise the fund to help as many people as possible. With your support, Project Connect can create a real, and positive impact on people’s lives. 

Our Partners

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