Cultivating Trust: Building a Foundation for Workplace Success – Story Of Software S03E27

Éric Värnild, VP of Engineering & AI at Paretos, talks about the importance of trust in software development, both internally and externally.

The Guest – Éric Värnild, VP of Engineering & AI at Paretos


Éric Värnild is the VP of Engineering & AI at Paretos, a company providing the leading forecasting and optimization technology for controlling complex supply chain processes. Éric  has 30+ years of experience in the software engineering industry and worked in many startups and global companies. He graduated in AI, UX and advanced programming in 1992, before it was hype. Éric is here today to talk about the importance of trust in software development, both internally and externally. 


The Backbone of Collaboration: Trust in Tech Companies

In the intricate ecosystem of tech companies, trust permeates every facet of operation, from the relationships between colleagues to the bond between consumers and products. It’s the invisible thread that weaves together teams, fosters innovation, and underpins the very essence of a company’s identity. While, trust between colleagues cultivates an environment of transparency and empowerment, trust within a company’s culture drives organisational resilience, and ultimately shaping the trajectory of success in the competitive landscape of the tech industry. 

Some of the highlights in this episode include:

  • Way to create trust in the workplace
  • How trust impacts the capacity and performance of a team
  • The future of software development in the AI-powered world


Q: How can we build trust between the team members?

“It’s about taking ownership of your responsibilities and being accountable to everyone you work with for delivering on those responsibilities. At the same time, it’s also about holding everyone else accountable to ensure that standards are met. I believe the highest-performing teams are characterized by openness and mutual accountability. They acknowledge areas where improvement is needed and collaborate to overcome challenges. Trust acts as the glue that binds these teams together, and it’s built over time by fostering an environment where individuals feel comfortable being accountable, honest, and even vulnerable.
Currently, I’m part of an incredible team where this culture is evident. Everyone, including junior members, is entrusted with tasks from the moment they join. It’s quite surprising for newcomers to be given such responsibility right away. Each person is assigned tasks and is expected to be fully responsible for them from start to finish.”


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