Hiring and Onboarding Dedicated Development Teams with Zartis

Hiring and Onboarding Dedicated Development Teams with Zartis

What’s our secret to assembling world-class dedicated development teams? Three words: successful recruitment & onboarding. 

At Zartis, we’ve been around long enough to know that finding the right fit for the job and giving them the support they need to hit the ground running more than pays off in the long term.

That’s why we invest a lot of time and effort in headhunting and onboarding software engineers for our clients. 

We begin the hiring process by getting to know you, your company, and your project. We make sure we understand all your requirements — from the tech stack and any specific tools you use to your mindset, work culture, and business goals. 

Next, we start sifting through our pool of experts. If needed, we’ll reach out to new candidates for each project, and we won’t stop looking until we find the perfect fit for you. Once that’s done, we proceed with the onboarding.

Why Onboarding Dedicated Development Teams Properly Is a Must

A well-thought-out onboarding process matters a lot more than you might think. It can help you to:

  • Attract highly skilled developers 
  • Increase your engineer retention rates
  • Ensure new hires have the tools, information, and support they need to deliver outstanding results from day one
  • Build good relationships between your in-house and external teams
  • Establish (and maintain) effective communication between your dedicated development teams and management
  • Engage your remote team and align them with the company culture


How do new hires feel about onboarding?

onboarding new hires survey
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We have solid data to back this up. Statista reports that new hires who receive onboarding understand their responsibilities better, become more productive quicker, and feel welcome, valued, and less anxious.


Furthermore, of the companies that have onboarding programs:

  • 77% hit their performance goals
  • 54% report higher employee engagement
  • 25% see better retention rates
  • 20% report an increase in manager satisfaction
  • 11% have a productivity boost


benefits of successfully onboarding remote engineering teams
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If you want to take a deeper dive into the topic, check out our blog, 3 Ways Onboarding Software Engineers Poorly Is Costing You.


The Zartis Engineer Recruitment Process

We can tweak our process based on your team and project requirements, but the standard procedure goes like this:

Step #1: We evaluate candidates’ tech skills

After we get familiar with the technology used in each role you’re looking to fill, we look for dedicated developers with matching technical expertise. Zartis talent consultants and technical team members collaborate during interviews to make sure that the candidates we find are solid.

Step #2: We look for a good culture fit

At all stages of the recruiting process, we evaluate each candidate’s preferred way of working against your company culture. 

Some engineers do better when working with well-documented and established processes. Others have a more flexible, start-up mindset. 

Matching developers with work environments that suit their personalities is key to ensuring they thrive and perform at their best. This also helps ensure you get your money’s worth.

Step #3: We ensure candidates are up to speed on industry trends

Next, we interview applicants to make sure they are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices in software development. Our team is made up of constant learners and people who like trying out new things. We follow this rule to the T because anyone you may choose to work with is a Zartis team member, so this is how we secure success on both sides.

Step #4: We assess candidates’ domain expertise 

Some of our clients need dedicated development teams whose expertise goes beyond software development. They are looking for people who also have a deep understanding of the client’s industry or business environment, particularly in heavily regulated industries such as medtech, fintech or renewable energy. If that’s your case, we can help you assemble a team of developers with specialist domain knowledge.


Onboarding Software Engineers with Zartis

Our onboarding has two stages. First, we onboard the newly hired developers to Zartis. Then, they will be onboarded to your team. 

Here’s what the process entails:

Sep #1: Zartis Onboarding

Engagement Manager 

For all its benefits, remote work has its challenges, too. Employee engagement can be particularly tricky, so we take the time to ensure that new joiners can feel like  part of the company. We believe it is crucial for remote employees to feel invested in the company in order to excel. 

To help foster a sense of belonging, our engagement managers introduce freshly recruited engineers to our:

  • Culture
  • Values
  • Company structure
  • Team members and composition 
  • Points of contact for each department

Account Manager

Next, a Zartis account manager takes over. Account manager is your main liaison and point of contact within the Zartis business team. For the success of your project, it is important to set up clear communication channels, so that the engineers know how to ask questions or escalate things. 

Technical Account Lead (TAL) & Engineers 

In the final stage of the Zartis onboarding process, the Zartis technical lead and engineers from your project step in to help new joiners understand the role of the TAL and introduce the new members to the rest of the team. 

Our TALs also have a general discussion with the new hires about the project, the tech stack and tools they will be using, the system and the development process, among other important details. They may introduce points of contact within the client and give more details into how the collaboration is structured.

Cultural & Technical Training

After the new team member meets everyone involved in their daily work at Zartis, they are provided with training materials prepared by the Zartis team ranging from GDPR compliant development and data protection to common web vulnerabilities.

Our engineer onboarding always involves security training. In some cases, a form of additional domain-specific training, such as HIPAA training for clients in the MedTech sector is also included as part of the onboarding. Of course, the latter will vary depending on the industry and specific client requirements.


Step #2: Client Onboarding

Our account managers and TALs work closely with the client and their in-house team to coordinate this part of the onboarding. The process is based on each client individual preferences, so no two onboarding programs are 100% alike. 

That said, The Recruitment and Onboarding Are Over. What’s Next?

The onboarding process doesn’t finish once the formal onboarding program is over. It takes more than a couple of weeks to prepare new hires for a job — and it takes a lot more to ensure they have what they need to be consistent top performers.   

At Zartis, we want everyone who joins our team to feel welcome and looked after throughout their tenure with us. This is why we provide our engineers with ongoing support and resources. These include: 

  • Points of contact: All our dedicated software developers have a point of contact for both technical and business-related issues.
  • Engagement manager: Engineers have regular catch-ups with their engagement manager, who are responsible for checking in on them, answering their questions, collecting feedback, and addressing any concerns they may have. The engagement manager makes sure that there is constant communication among all Zartis team members and that knowledge sharing is maximized.
  • Company events: We organize many company-wide events to encourage our dedicated team members to socialize, get to know one another better, and feel like a part of the Zartis community. Due to the pandemic, our events are strictly online for the time being, but we hope to bring back in-person gatherings in the not-too-distant future.
  • Developer community: All Zartis engineers have access to an online community where they can ask and answer questions about software development, share ideas, provide feedback, or just have a chat with fellow developers.
  • Mentor and training program: Our mentor and training program helps ensure that our developers receive continuing education and always stay on top of the latest industry developments. From internal webinars to peer-to-peer mentoring, we make sure that our engineers tap into the collective knowledge of the 200+ team members and bring that into your dedicated team. 

These tools and initiatives are the secret sauce that allows us to achieve high employee retention rates, earn positive feedback, and build happy dedicated development teams.


6 Reasons to Get a Zartis Dedicated Development Team

Here are just a few reasons why assembling a dedicated team with Zartis can help you get ahead:

We Build Teams of All Sizes

Whatever team size you need, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our extensive talent pool, we can easily build teams of one to 20+ engineers. 

We Can Speed Up Your Hiring Process by 50%

With Zartis, you can hire remote teams up to two times faster. To put things in perspective, we can have a team of 10 engineers up and running in just four to six weeks. This could make a huge difference to your time to market if you’re based in a jurisdiction like Germany that has mandatory three-month notice periods.

We Can Seriously Boost Your Retention Rates

Over the past four years, we’ve seen a solid 90% developer retention rate. This is quite remarkable considering that the tech sector is notorious for its high turnover rates.

We Partner with All Kinds of Businesses

Some of our clients employ hundreds of in-house developers. Others have no internal teams whatsoever — and some have zero experience in software development. 

Whatever your business model and project scope may be, the dedicated development team model can be a great fit for you. And with an outsourcing vendor like Zartis, you can rest assured that you’ll get the right engineers for your needs.

We Mainly Work with Senior Experts

More than 50% of our developers are at Senior, Principal, or Lead Level with extensive leadership and architecture experience.

We Have Excellent Client Service

We put your needs first. We’re dedicated to helping you improve your business processes and achieve your goals and are always available to answer questions, provide information, or help you solve your IT problems.


Building Dedicated Development Teams with Zartis

With our bespoke dedicated development team services, you can recruit word-class engineers and build high-quality software quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal admin — all the while retaining complete control over the entire process.

Zartis is the outsourcing partner you can trust. 

To learn more about our services, tell us about your project, or find out how the dedicated team model can level up your business, drop us a line. We’ll be in touch shortly.

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