The Story of software podcast by zartis - episode 13: educational technology with JP Beaudry

#13: Educational Technology – Story of Software Podcast

In this episode, Padraig Coffey, CEO at Zartis and podcast host, is joined by JP Beaudry, Vice President of Engineering at edX, as they explore the history of educational technology.



Note: The ‘History of Software’ podcast has been rebranded to The Story of Software. The focus remains on exploring technology from an evolutionary perspective of trying to understand how what we know today came to be. We will continue to explore topics from the early dawn of software technology to the state-of-the-art today and what is envisioned to come next.


Educational Technology Episode Overview:

In 2012, edX published their very first online course called ‘Circuits and Electronics’. More than 155 000 learners signed up and over 7200 passed this rigorous MIT course. To fully understand this number – it would take an MIT professor over 35 years to teach this many students in person. This course alone has reached nearly half a million learners since.


The internet brought in a watershed moment by lowering the barrier of entry to education and allowing world-wide access to information. Education technology has seen an unprecedented rise since, and the Covid crisis seems to have only amplified the demand.


Tune in for this episode, as JP and Padraig explore the evolution of educational technology – from the invention of the printing press to the first iterations of distance learning to the highly complex technology at play today.

Some articles on edtech we enjoyed:

History of Online Education 

edX – 2020 Impact Report


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