zartis story of software podcast episode 14 - finding answers on the internet and informative content

#14: Finding Answers: Informative Content and the Internet – Story of Software Podcast

In this episode, Padraig Coffey, CEO at Zartis and podcast host, is joined by Alec Turnbull, VP of Product at Dotdash. They explore how the internet has changed how we seek out and learn new things with specific focus on the 1990s and early 2000s. 


Note: The ‘History of Software’ podcast has been rebranded to The Story of Software. The focus remains on exploring technology from an evolutionary perspective of trying to understand how what we know today came to be. We will continue to explore topics from the early dawn of software technology to the state-of-the-art today and what is envisioned to come next.


Informative Content Episode Overview:

In 1993, there were only about 130 websites on the internet. A bit more than a year later, as the first browsers appeared, that number had grown to over 23 000. In 1997, that number was 1.1 million, and today, an estimated 1.7 billion websites exist.


This episode explores how this exponential evolution has impacted the way we look for and consume content, the way we understand and consume media. From the first ad on the internet to the impact of digitalization on the journalistic practice and profession – the episode covers a lot of ground. Tune in for more details!


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