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In this podcast episode, Padraig Coffey, CEO at Zartis, is joined by Brian Kelly, VP of Engineering at FlipDish, to explore the evolution of the agile movement.

In this episode, Padraig Coffey, CEO at Zartis and podcast host, is joined by Brian Kelly, VP of Engineering at Flipdish, as they explore the history and evolution of the agile movement. 



Note: The ‘History of Software’ podcast has been rebranded to The Story of Software. The focus remains on exploring technology from an evolutionary perspective of trying to understand how what we know today came to be. We will continue to explore topics from the early dawn of software technology to the state-of-the-art today and what is envisioned to come next.


Agile & The Challenges of Scrum:


The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001 and has largely taken the software industry by storm. 


A 2020 report found that 95% of participating companies are using Agile methodologies. While it’s largely debatable to what extent all these companies are actually agile in practice, rather than in theory, the impact and widespread use of Agile methodologies across the software sector today is undeniable.


Why is Agile so incredibly impactful and widely accepted as a way of organizing software development work?  How has the movement evolved since it first started? What are the areas in which it hasn’t evolved fast enough? What is Scrum? What are its advantages and limitations in comparison to other agile approaches such as Kanban, XP, etc? What is the future of the agile movement?


Tune in as Padraig and Brian explore this fascinating topic.



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