interoperability of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies

#31: The Interoperability of Blockchains – Story‌ ‌of‌ ‌Software‌ ‌Podcast‌ ‌

Padraig Coffey, CEO at Zartis and podcast host, is joined by ‌Dominik Harz, Co-founder and CTO at Interlay.


On Cross Chain Technology

The Guest – Dominik Harz, Co-founder and CTO at Interlay

Dominik has a unique blend of academic and professional expertise in the crypto field. He is the Co-founder and CTO of Interlay – the first fully decentralized and trustless gateway for Bitcoin into other blockchain networks starting with Polkadot, Ethereum and Cosmos. He is also finalising his PhD in Computer Science from Imperial College London and has a number of publications to his name


What Is Interoperability and Why Is It So Important?

Tune in as Dominik shares his insights and expertise on the interoperability of blockchains. Some of the topics discussed cover:

  • What is blockchain interoperability? What are its main benefits?
  • Financial regulations on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Leading projects in blockchain interoperability
  • Security considerations.
  • The technological challenges in achieving interoperability.


Episode Highlight:


Some Articles On Interoperability We Found Interesting:

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