Connecting Sports Fans In a Digital World – Story of Software S02E17

Ivo Krka, and Tihomir Lolic, Co-founders at Sportening, share their experience building a successful product in the competitive sports industry.


The Guests – Ivo Krka & Tihomir Lolic, Co-founders at Sportening

Ivo Krka and Tihomir Lolic lead the tech and product teams at Sportening, a startup that is building a social network where sports fanatics can join a community of fellow minded fans. Through Sportening, fans talk sports with other fans, find informative, fun, and entertaining content, and build meaningful connections with each other.


A Digital Platform for the Sports Community

In this episode, we dive into the challenges and opportunities of disrupting the seemingly crowded sports industry. Through the experiences of our guests, we also look into the differences between working at a multinational company and growing a local startup. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The challenges around choosing the right tech stack.
  • The competitive global market for top tech talent.
  • The complexity of product-market fit.
  • Empowering employee ownership



Could you tell us about why you think the company has what it takes to succeed?

“We’re really trying to introduce strong product development practices. The first thing is having a really strong focus on the user and solving problems for users by having a well-focused product that’s going in the right direction. Another reason relates to the culture, to help us succeed we have a culture of ownership, where everyone on the team doesn’t simply come to work to solve tasks they’re given, but instead feel a sense of ownership within the company. People can make the effort to develop something even more impactful than we initially planned or come up with new ideas and better ways to do things, so that’s a really important part of our culture.”



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