The Story of Fenergo – Scaling a Company Internationally – Story of Software S02E19

Niall Twomey, CTO at Fenergo, shares the story of Fenergo, and explains how they scaled the company internationally since 2008.


The Guest – Niall Twomey, CTO at Fenergo

Niall Twomey is the CTO and Co-Founder of Fenergo, one of Ireland’s tech unicorns, developing fintech software solutions. Niall is here to share some context about the story of Fenergo and how the business has gained success since 2008.


Scaling a Tech Company Internationally

In order to keep scaling, businesses need to embrace change and take completely different approaches at different stages of a company’s growth. The needs and the mindset in a startup is completely different to the needs and the mindset of a scale up company.

Starting with a single team of developers, Niall Twomey and his Co-founders have been scaling Fenergo into the Fintech powerhouse that it is today, spanning across multiple continents, with operations worldwide.  Find out how they approached and continue approaching culture, hiring and fundraising at different phases of growth.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to win the first customers
  • Lessons learned in scaling a tech company
  • How to approach & what to look for in investors
  • The evolving people needs of a business



What advice would you give your younger self, knowing what you know now?

“ …Don’t feel like you have to know every single thing… You can’t scale that way and you start diminishing people… So, look at yourself, what are the areas you want to go deeper and which ones are more of general knowledge. I would say part of it is understanding yourself and understanding your personality type, understanding others’ personality types, understanding why you do things a certain way and why people do things another way and why you drive them mad and they drive you mad. Would you understand the motivations behind their perspective? Not everybody is the same as yourself and being aware of that helps a lot.”


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