Balancing Product & Software Development – Story of Software S02E20

Peter Kisel, CTO at Cyrkl, joins us to talk about balancing product and software development as a company grows and scales up.


The Guest – Peter Kisel, CTO at Cyrkl

Peter Kisel is the CTO at Cyrkl, Europe’s leading circular waste management platform. Peter shares some context about Cyrkl, the challenges they are facing as they continue to innovate, and striking the right balance between product and software development. 


Hands-on Coding vs Managing Software Teams

As a company grows and the needs of the business scale up, the role of a CTO and the roles of each individual team member go through change. The roles of team members – business or technical – evolve from being generalists who are ready to take on different roles, to specialists who have the resources to focus on a specific area of work and excel at it. 

So, how do you scale and delegate tasks as the definition of work changes? What are the strategies and best practices to follow in order to achieve a successful and scalable team structure?

Some of the topic covered include:

  • The changing people needs of the business over time
  • Lessons learned in scaling a business and software teams
  • Scaling the infrastructure and the product as the business grows
  • The perfect balance between product and software development



“One of the lessons I learned with my technical team is that you can give 100% of your time for only a period of time, and it’s not super sustainable to give everything. You need to have a lot of rest and take care of your mental health. You need to be able to actually switch off, and not just switch off slack but also switch off your mind. This is one of the key things that we are actually trying to implement nowadays, it is a long-term process.”


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