Customer Empathy and Zero Bug Policy – Story of Software S02E21

Jacopo Toccacieli, COO at ShippyPro, shares his insights on customer experience and providing impeccable results through a zero-bug policy.


The Guest – Jacopo Toccacieli, COO at ShippyPro

Jacopo Toccacieli is the COO at ShippyPro, a company simplifying the way people ship, track and return their e-commerce orders, all over the world. Jacopo shares his career journey in technology. We talk about the principles that have enabled him to deliver successful results, such as the importance of customer empathy, and implementing a zero-bug policy.


Customer Empathy and Experience

The best way to become a trusted services or SaaS provider is straightforward –  provide high-quality support and flawless customer experience. This means not only resolving the issues of your customers consistently, but also doing it in the fastest way possible, and allowing for minimal down time. One of the top strategies in this area is to allow for no bugs in your own, or your client’s systems. 

Why implement zero-bug policies? Because zero bugs means flawless experiences, which translates into higher returns for your clients, and showcases the success of your work. Find out how you can implement zero-bug policies by achieving a full buy-in from your tech team. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Translating customer empathy in business
  • Efficiently sharing tasks between product and development teams
  • Zero bug policies and engineer buy-in
  • Challenges and benefits of implementing zero bug policies



How do engineers in general feel about a zero-bug policy? 

“I was originally scared…, but surprisingly, I think we did a good job of communicating why this was important. I think it’s fundamental to explain to your team why you are trying to make a change, what your hypothesis is, and what you’re trying to solve with it. Even though you might not be certain of the result of this experiment, it creates empathy. Because of this empathy, the team was enthusiastic about this initiative, as they could see their efforts directly impacting our customers. It created empathy between customer support and engineering, making sure they were in sync, it also generated empathy between the engineers and our end customers.”


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