Success, Failure & Positive Change

Francesco Dominidiato, CTO at Casavo, shares his insights on the path to becoming a tech leader & the experiences one needs to gain along the way.


The Guest: Francesco Dominidiato, CTO at Casavo

Francesco Dominidiato is the CTO at Casavo, a company redesigning the experience of selling and buying homes by leveraging proprietary technology in each step of the transaction process. Francesco shares some context about his career journey in technology & how successes and failures are both a key part of the story.


Failing is The New Winning

Whether you are growing from an individual contributor role to a manager or you are joining a team as an appointed new leader; how can you gain the necessary skills to lead your team to success? What is a good synthesis of success and failure that allows leaders to learn lessons taught nowhere else?


Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • Challenges faced early on in a tech career
  • The past and future career paths for technologists and engineers
  • Baking failure into the culture of a business
  • The past and present startup ecosystem in Italy



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