Code Security – Story of Software Podcast S02E26

Brian Kelly, VP of Engineering at AppMap, joins our podcast to talk about code security from best practices to main vulnerabilities.


The Guest: Brian Kelly, VP of Engineering, AppMap

Brian Kelly is the VP of Engineering at AppMap. He has over 25 years of experience in software, with 20 years of experience managing and scaling engineering teams both locally and internationally. His areas of expertise include cybersecurity, SaaS, DevOps, microservices, and distributed systems. He has led the development of a number of products in the security space across companies such as Flipdish, CyberArk and currently AppMap.


Quality & Security Vulnerability Detection

With our lives moving online in the last decade, the value of what can be stolen or hacked has risen exponentially. This leads to a very high pressure on software and service providers to develop systems with zero vulnerabilities against such attacks. Sadly, in most of the cases, such vulnerabilities are only discovered once the code runs in real time and interacts with different parts of the system. But, what if we could detect security vulnerabilities in real time as our developers code? 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How security issues are created and can be detected before release
  • The major security threats that organizations face
  • Early detection and prevention mechanisms to leverage
  • Guiding development teams to uphold security


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