The Evolution of Digital Healthcare – Story of Software S02E27

Sebastian Lau and Jack Godau from Doctorly join us to talk about the evolution of digital healthcare and recent technological advancements in the sector.


The Guests: Sebastian Lau and Jack Godau, Doctorly

Sebastian Lau and Jack Godau are the CTO and CDO at Doctorly. Doctorly provides all of the digital technology, tools, and support, via a single system, for a doctor to efficiently and digitally manage their practice. They also enable patients to access, control and understand their own health records and data via their fully integrated doctorly health app. 


Sebastian and Jack joined us to share some context about their careers in technology, and the evolution of digital healthcare as a practice.


Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Today, everyone is turning online or to apps to handle important aspects of their lives such as careers, personal finances, and investments, so why not healthcare? 

The rise of digital transformation and the growing demand for healthcare in the post-Covid world has created a need for a more modern and efficient patient management process. With the use of technology, medical practices can offer digital services and provide faster results to their patients. From online scheduling and examination, to digital data management and instant sharing between practitioners, applications of digital healthcare are limitless. But, what is the actual speed of innovation in the healthcare industry worldwide, and what does the future behold? 

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • The recent technological developments in the healthcare sector
  • The technology gap in patient and data management
  • Expected innovations in digital healthcare


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