The Fundamentals of Engineering Management – Story of Software S02E28

Sagar Patel, VP of Engineering at Ampla, joins us to discuss how tech leaders should manage growth, productivity, & culture in software teams.


The Guest: Sagar Patel, VP of Engineering at Ampla

Sagar Patel is an experienced technology leader with a demonstrated history of building and managing high-performing product and engineering teams. Currently, he is the VP of Engineering at Ampla, a New York-based company empowering founders and operators to grow their businesses through accessible capital.


Engineering Management and Productivity

Whether you are a CTO, VP of Engineering, or an Engineering Manager, there are certain aspects of team management that remain common. Ensuring engineering goals are aligned with the business goals, warranting that team members understand their roles and responsibilities, and most importantly, keeping their engineers engaged and motivated during times of change.

In this episode, we talk about the principles of good engineering management, as well as the common mistakes that tech leaders make in the face of major change, such as high growth or down-scaling in software teams. Discover:

  • How to make the right decisions when it comes to growth and hiring
  • Balancing engineering and business needs
  • Common mistakes tech leaders make in regards to growth and hiring
  • How to communicate and manage change within engineering teams



“I think the core competency of a CTO or a VP of Engineering is the ability to really accelerate the day-to-day work and overall careers of each individual on their teams. It doesn’t have to be yourself, but empowering your managers, or directors to do the same is fundamental to me.”

Sagar Patel, VP of Engineering at Ampla


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