Innovation in Data Security – Story of Software Podcast S03E01

Artem Kalaitan, CPO at Getvisibility, joins us to discuss best practices in #DataSecurity and recent innovations in this space.


The Guest: Artem Kalaitan, CPO at Getvisibility

Artem Kalaitan is the Chief Product Officer at Getvisibility, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for the classification, discovery, and protection of unstructured data. Artem is a domain expert in cybersecurity and data protection with years of experience in cybersecurity forensics, conducting investigations for government agencies, medical institutions, financial, insurance, and many multinational companies.


Data Security in 2023 and Beyond

Data security remains a crucial concern in 2023, as the amount of sensitive information available continues to grow exponentially. With the rise of IoT and AI, there are now more avenues for cybercriminals to access valuable data, resulting in record numbers of regulations being pushed down on companies by governments. So, how are companies coping with this evolving landscape, and how can software bridge the gap between regulations and actual compliance?

The topics covered in this episode include: 

  • The main problems companies are facing in terms of their data security
  • Best practices to follow in data security 
  • Implementing a ‘healthy’ data security strategy across different industries
  • The recent innovations in the data security space



If we think in terms of security software companies, how do you think about your own security?

“We are very strict about it but, to be fair, it’s not pushed from the top down. I think it’s part of our culture and we’re very lucky to have that. When developing code, we have very good controls in place. We use a lot of tools that help us analyze code quality, cloud infrastructure, security vulnerabilities, different dependencies, etc… But I believe it’s all in the mindset. I’m very happy that our team is looking after that, and making sure we have it in the first place without having to double-check on them.”



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