How To Get Remote Working Right – Story of Software S03E02

Roland Tritsch from shares his insights on leading remote software teams and how to get remote working right.


The Guest – Roland Tritsch, Sr. Director of Engineering, Community

Roland Tritsch is the Senior Director of Engineering at, a Santa Monica-based company redefining the way in which brands communicate with their customers via text. Roland is an experienced Senior Executive with a proven track record of building, transforming and leading high-energy, distributed, and culturally diverse technology organizations.


Remote Working and Software Teams

When it comes to choosing the right mode of work for your developers, there is a wide spectrum of options, but #RemoteWork is making its stamp on modern software development teams. In this episode, we talk about leading software teams and how to successfully implement remote working in your company. We try to answer questions such as;

What is the ideal working environment for a software engineer today?

Are fully onsite jobs still a thing? Is the hybrid model better, or fully remote jobs for the win?

What are some general misconceptions about remote work?


Needless to say, picking the right model alone isn’t enough. Whether your developers are onsite or fully remote, keeping engagement and retention high is the key to success. So, how do you go about it?


Do you encourage your engineers to get out of the house before they start their working day, or to meet and connect with each other?

“…The first thing is having structures like pods, and squads… I started to overlay the squad model with the concept of a pod over the last 10 years. A pod is made up of people that are close to each other, let’s say, in a 200 kilometer radius. Ireland could be a pod. Munich could be a pod, etc… Many people think that when they do remote first, they can just hire everybody everywhere, which is a very dangerous thing to do in my opinion. You still wanna preserve a bit of a locality, where you hire people that are close to each other…”

Roland Tritsch, Sr. Director of Engineering, Community


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