Competing In A Crowded Market – Story of Software S03E04

Alan Gleeson, CEO and Co-Founder at Contento, joins us to discuss how to compete in a market with well-established competitors, and the journey he is on with scaling his own company.



Guest: Alan Gleeson, CEO & Co-Founder, Contento

Alan Gleeson is the CEO and Co-Founder at Contento, the world’s first CMS and content platform built exclusively for B2B SaaS companies. Alan has extensive leadership experience and is passionate about helping Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies scale. 


Competing In A Crowded Market

Standing out in a crowded market has grown to be a tough challenge in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. As there are more companies than ever competing for customers’ attention and loyalty, businesses must use targeted strategies to set themselves apart from the competition. Of course, there are many considerations to be taken into account for different businesses in different locations or industries. 

In this podcast episode, we try to understand how competition differs across different value propositions, and talk about different scaling strategies in a crowded market. 

Some of the questions answered in this episode are:

  • Should a crowded market scare off entrepreneurs from entering a specific space?
  • What are different strategies companies can deploy to set themselves apart?
  • How can you gain customers’ trust when you enter a mature market with well-established competitors?
  • Are there differences in the culture of competition across different countries?


If we were to talk about gaining customers’ trust when entering a market with strong brands, how can you build trust and get your foot in the door with clients?

It’s difficult in the traditional sense because it is easy for people to purchase the market leader… So, social proof is everything. Third-party independent validation talking about your product is everything… Other techniques we would employ would be to create initial clients out of friendly businesses that are known to you, this way it’s less of a sales cycle even though you still bring value. And another thing that we do is lower the barrier to entry… Enabling people to actually try the software risk-free, and have full confidence that the product delivers value.

Alan Gleeson, CEO and Co-Founder, Contento


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