Building Culture In Remote Teams – Story of Software S03E05

David Gregor, CTO at Denizen, shares his experiences in building and nurturing a healthy company culture in remote teams.


The Guest – David Gregor, CTO at Denizen

David Gregor is the Chief Technology Officer at Denizen, a Berlin-based company helping companies monetize unused office space by providing flexible workspaces for teams and individuals. David has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and he specializes in finding effective and efficient ways to meet business and customer needs. 


Creating A Unified Company Culture Remotely

Let’s be honest, the concept of a strong ‘company culture’ has been hard to grasp for some companies, even before the remote work revolution. So, it should not come as a surprise that many companies are struggling to create a sense of unity and retain their talent in today’s market. A strong and healthy company culture, not only improves the well-being of team members, but it also enhances performance and productivity.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode are:

  • Failure and success stories in setting a company culture remotely
  • Should culture be changing with the team and times or stay constant
  • How to avoid creating silos within teams
  • How to deal with issues of performance in remote teams



Q: Should there be elements of a company culture that are constant and never shift? What do you think about the fluidity of culture versus things that need to stay somewhat constant?

What I truly believe is that the core of your culture is in your values and you set your values straight and authentically… If you do it right, and communicate it right, then you have a good foundation and you can really build well on it. However, how you execute and how you build the culture; that’s a different story. This can really change as the company grows because the culture is shaped by the people and these people are shaped by the experiences they get in the company… So of course, these people change and the culture will be shaped by these experiences.

David Gregor | CTO, at Denizen



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