Establishing DevOps Practices – Story of Software S03E06

Nikolaos Tsanakas from Digital Automotive shares his extensive experience in setting up DevOps practices, particularly for small & medium enterprises.



The Guest – Nikolaos Tsanakas from Digital Automotive

Nikolaos Tsanakas is the Head of Software Development at Digital Automotive, a Munich-based company providing a strategy and sales management platform focused on the growth of automotive suppliers. Nikolaos has extensive experience in setting up DevOps teams practices, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. 


How To Set Up Successful DevOps Practices 

DevOps emerged as a response to the inefficiencies and bottlenecks created by traditional software development models. Recognizing the need for improved agility and collaboration, forward-thinking companies started integrating their development and operations teams, giving rise to the DevOps movement. However, we have witnessed many companies failing to set up successful DevOps processes and creating more bottlenecks for their teams. So, what constitutes a successful DevOps approach and which traps should companies avoid?

Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • What does an optimal DevOps structure look like 
  • The difference between DevOps structures in an SME vs a large enterprise
  • When to start your DevOps journey as a company



What advice would you give to leaders in mature organizations who want to get on the DevOps train so that they can change their way of working coherently?

“First of all, start where you are. Don’t try to destroy everything and start building it from the start… Otherwise, your people will be against you. So, know where you are…, take the DORA metrics…, establish a baseline and report to all different stakeholders, because, this is an organizational change and a lot of people will feel uncomfortable with what you are trying to do. Some of them will join you in the beginning, but there will be those insecure as well. So you have to have a way to tell them, beyond any doubt, we are moving forward. This is forward.”



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