The Evolving Role of Technology in Financial Services – Story of Software S03E07

Daniel Flax, Head of Sales & Distribution Technology at MassMutual, joins our podcast to discuss the ever-growing role of technology in the financial services sector.


The Guest – Daniel Flax, MassMutual

Daniel Flax is the Head of Sales & Distribution Technology at MassMutual, a Fortune 500 life insurance and financial services company founded in 1851. Daniel has spent over two decades in the financial services space, with experience working across a variety of companies in capital markets, fintech, lending, insurance and more.


The Impact of Technology in Financial Services

Technology plays a pivotal role in the financial services market, revolutionizing the way we manage money and conduct transactions and trade. With the advent of mobile banking, online trading platforms, and advanced analytics, technology empowers individuals and companies to have greater control over finances and make informed decisions. But as technology continues to evolve, what new possibilities and disruptions will it bring to the financial world? How will emerging technologies shape the future of financial services, and what impact will they have on businesses and consumers alike?

Some of the topics covered in this episode are:

  • The latest technological disruptions in the financial services industry
  • Potential risks to look out for in the finance space in the near future
  • Macroeconomics dependency and the effects of Covid-19 



Daniel, how do you think AI might impact capital markets…?

“I think in the capital markets world, the ability to accurately take strategy and turn that into an action plan will be key. So somebody says, I want to create an algorithm to trade 10,000 shares of this thing without bubbling the market or leaking information, and then a tool can take that strategy and turn it into an algorithm… I think the other side of it is in the reporting space. BI and analytics are incredibly important parts and historically that’s been a world where you had to set things up beforehand. But now, you have the opportunity to expose a huge set of data with some context and ask the AI to solve problems, or find correlations.”

Daniel Flax

Head of Sales & Distribution Technology, MassMutual


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