Cybersecurity: Current Trends & What’s To Come – Story of Software S03E12

Ganesh Krishnan, Co-Founder and CEO at Anzenna, talks about all things cybersecurity, including current trends and innovations we can expect to see next.


The Guest – Ganesh Krishnan, CEO at Anzenna

Ganesh Krishnan is the Co-Founder and CEO at Anzenna, an innovative cybersecurity startup that focuses on empowering an organisation’s employees to make them more security aware. Ganesh has over 25 years of experience protecting the digital world from cyber threats, having held top-level security and engineering roles at companies like Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and Atlassian. 


The Future of Cybersecurity

As we navigate the digital age, new opportunities and challenges emerge at an unprecedented pace, making it crucial for organisations to stay ahead of the curve and stay protected. Find out about the current trends that are shaping the cybersecurity sector, such as the rise of generative AI and machine learning in enhancing simulations and threat detection. So, how can companies scale their cybersecurity capabilities as they grow and expose themselves to more attacks?


Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • The emerging cybersecurity trends that companies need to follow
  • The rise and sophistication of cyberattacks with the use of AI
  • Entrepreneurship and leading a tech company through acquisition and scaling
  • The opportunities to enhance cybersecurity as a company grows



Q: In terms of the opportunity for greater security, is there an opportunity yet presenting itself from generative AI?

“What generative AI has done is turned every company into an AI company, because, whether you’re a security company or not, you can provide better functionality for your customers, and the same is true for security products. There are many ways you can think of integrating with generative AI and enhancing security products… There are lots and lots of applications that we haven’t even imagined that will come about. That’s how I look at using generative AI in a positive fashion for security products.”


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